What does North Star Medical Offer?

So you made the decision to do something about your weight. And you want to lose it...yesterday. You're frustrated and disappointed from failed attempts to lose weight. Most of our patients have experienced exactly what you are going through. They want a safe and effective weight reduction program. A program that keeps the weight off, long after the diet ends.

The North Star Medical program delivers. With over 10 years of experience, this medically developed and managed program will get the weight off fast and safely. Our products are made by a 30 plus years old company specializing in weight management products.

Medically Managed Programs

The North Star Medical Weight Loss Program

North Star Medical requires that you see one of our physicians who will monitor you through the program. This program is for patients who need to lose 50 pounds or more. Average weight loss is 7 to 14 pounds the first week and 3 to 7 pounds each additional week.

Call North Star today. North Star can refer you to a weight management physician in your area that is trained and experienced in our program. Some of our physicians have walk-in hours, evening, and Saturday hours, so you can get started now. Once approved by our physician, North Star will immediately provide you with the products you need.

Put an end to the frustrating and disappointing cycle of diet after diet that does not work. Call North Star today for a physician referral (at no charge to you) and get on your way to being a healthier, slimmer and happier you!

Non-Medical Programs You Do On Your Own

To qualify for a program you do on your own, you can complete our medical history and informed consent sheets. Click here for the patient forms. Return them to North Star and upon approval, a program will be recommended for you by our physician. Products will be available to you through North Star.

Other Options

Anyone can order our products for meal replacement, healthy snacks or a program to do on your own.

For more information on our products and program options, e-mail North Star or call us at (847) 577-8854 or toll-free (888) 251-2653. Our E-mail address is North Star will be happy to answer your weight management questions or discuss your concerns. North Star is here to serve you - providing counseling on weight loss issues.

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