Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

In the section, you will find the most frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers to help you with your diet and fitness.

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Mrs. Patel of New york asked:

CAn I add fresh fruit to one of your shakes?

yes, adding a few strawberries or your favorite fruit is a healthy addition.

Tamara of Wisconsin asked:

When I am bored I eat, any suggestions?

You need to add fun activity to your lifestyle. Boredom wont go away of we keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Plan a fun day out, walk a zoo, bike a park, drive to a water view and relax. Trying something different can boost your mood and a change of scenery will help. Have fun!

Kevin of Illinois asked:

I have been watching the Hawks games and noticed I gained a few pounds over the past couple weeks from to many carryout dinners, beers and desserts late at night. Any suggestions?

Planning ahead is key. When the game is on dont carryout but have healthy choices like veggie tray or nutritional bar on hand. Remember to many alcoholic beverages can add pounds. Use diet drinks or limit alcohol intake to one beer. Fill up on water. Keep exercise on your agenda the day of the game. Address the extra pounds with meal replacement shakes or bars and exercise until the additional weight gain is off.

Sue of Wisconsin asked:

I want to make an appointment to see the Milwaukee physician for an all liquid diet. I talked with a gal from Northstar Medical but lost the number. Do you have directions from Kenosha? How far is it from here? Your office said north of Milwaukee. Thank you

We are happy to help. We will email you directions from Kenosha with a map attachment. It will incluse the physician's name and number. We hope that helps. You can call us toll free 1-888-251-2653 for further assistance.

Howard of Illinois asked:

I received an email the health fair is cancelled tonight due to the snowstorm. How do I make a new appointment for the free blood pressure testing? My physician wanted me to have it taken at the fair and weigh in.

Sorry for the cancellation but the road conditions are not very good right now and with more snow expected tonight we feel it is safer to cancel. Our nurse will contact you with the new Health Fair date/time. If you need to have your blood pressure taken sooner either contact your weight loss physician for an appt or call our office 847-577-8854 for available times with our nurse for a weight in. Thank you!

Mr. Marty R. of Illinois asked:

My physician prescribed the 800 calorie diet. My Doc told me to get the shakes from North Star and gave me a card with the program director Jennifer's name on it. How do I purchase the ready to drink? He said I was approved to start. I want to start right away.

You can call us direct at 847-577-8854 for information. We can verify your name of approved patients from our physician and get you started right away.

Pauline of California asked:

Are your Crisp n Crunch bars the same as the one's featured with the Biggest loser?

We believe the Crisp n Crunch Fudge Graham, peanut butter Either way they are a great way to add fiber and protein to your diet.

Karen of Illinois asked:

Do you have a physician in McHenry, IL? How quick can I start?

Yes, we have physician in the Illinois. Please call us for information and how to make an appt. Most of the time you can have an appt within two days.

Meghan of Illinois asked:

I heard on the news about Rush L. losing a lot of weight. He used a protein supplement. Are shake supplements good to use?

Yes, many studies agree using a good meal replacment supplement helps lose weight and maintain weight. Meal replacments come in shake forms as well as bars, entree and shakes. Finding a supplement that you like is key so you want to use it. Make sure it works with your budget and lifestlye

Cecilia of Illinois asked:

What is a good calorie level to do a program on my own if I am healthy?

We recomend 1200 calories for a program to do on your own if you are healthy. Any less calories should be physician supervised. You can fill out our patient forms on the website if you would like a program recommended for you.

Ava of Illinois asked:

I usually walk outside but the winter here is awful. I cannot afford a health club any suggestions? I have a treadmill but it is to boring.

Walk a mall. Many patients join a local mall walking club or walk on their lunch hour. On snowy days use the treadmill and play upbeat music to pass the time. Good Luck!

James of Michigan asked:

What do you recommend for post bariatric surgery patients?

We recommend BariCare shakes which are high in protein and low insugar and fat. Also, we carry a line of high protein meal replacements, bars and snacks.

Martha of Georgia asked:

It seems I have trouble focusing on my diet when I am stressed. What signs of high stress should I be aware of to watch for?

Difficulty sleeping, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, anger, headaches, stomach aches all can be warnings signs you are feeling very stressed. Counter with stress reduction like yoga, meditation, deep breathing and good laugh.

Mark of Illinois asked:

What are good habits for a healthy heart?

Eating healthy is a start. Don't smoke, manage stress, regular check ups, exercise, maintain a healthy weight, and watch your blood pressure are all vital to a healthy heart.

Sam of Idaho asked:

What tips can I have for eating out?

Avoid fried foods, white flour and sugar. Chose dark dense breads, lean protein and hold the mayo. Opt for mustard instead. Say no to super sizing and eat slow.

John of Kansas asked:

How do I keep my cholesterol low?

Cholesterol is a danger to your heart. Avoid foods with cholesterol and saturated fats as well, which raises your cholesterol level in your body. Read labels.

Mary of Massachusetts asked:

What is the good source of zinc?

Shellfish, meats and liver.

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